Quarter 1 – Math Cumulative Exam

The math cumulative exam for quarter 1 will be given on Thursday, October 26th. The test will cover all of the material from the start of the year.

Note: This reminder is for the students in Mr. Kimble’s math class.

Lesson 9

  1. scented
  2. adolescent
  3. scattered
  4. scissors
  5. scientific
  6. screaming
  7. muscles
  8. scalding
  9. scenery
  10. crescent
  11. descending
  12. sculpture
  13. escape
  14. scampered
  15. scenic
  16. miscellaneous
  17. fascinating
  18. luscious
  19. discipline
  20. conscience

Lesson 8

  1. insure
  2. information
  3. exploration
  4. ashamed
  5. partial
  6. nourish
  7. social
  8. brochure
  9. invention
  10. assure
  11. facial
  12. convention
  13. official
  14. machinery
  15. parachute
  16. negotiate
  17. accomplish
  18. potential
  19. appreciate
  20. quotient

Conference Links

Conferences will take place on Thursday, Oct. 26 (4-8PM) and Friday, Oct. 27 (8AM-4PM). Please sign up for fall conferences with any teacher with whom you hope to speak using the following links:

Ms. Ewing: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0A4AACA728A13-20171827

Ms. Heuett: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0A4AACA728A13-20171817

Mr. Kimble: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0A4AACA728A13-20171818

Ms. McLarn: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0A4AACA728A13-20171816

Mrs. Reynolds: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0A4AACA728A13-20171823

Mrs. Ruday: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0a4aaca728a13-20171824

Quarter 1 Cumulative Exam

The cumulative exam for the first quarter will take place on Wednesday, October 18th.  All students should have taken their binders home yesterday to begin preparing for this test.  We are also reviewing in class.  The test will cover all material and vocabulary words studied since the start of the year.

Science – chapter 2

We have now finished chapter 1 creating and analyzing maps. Now in chapter 2, we are going to be exploring the exciting topic of Earth in space. We will be learning about the Sun, the Moon, and our solar system. Excitingly, there are multiple mini labs that engage the students throughout the chapter. Have fun asking your child about today’s science lesson. 

Lesson 7

  1. purpose
  2. composure
  3. diseases
  4. casual
  5. seasonal
  6. resemble
  7. measuring
  8. husband
  9. position
  10. visual
  11. trousers
  12. instruments
  13. desirable
  14. instructor
  15. leisurely
  16. deserving
  17. gymnasium
  18. version
  19. treasury
  20. usually

Ancient Egypt

On Tueday, all fifth graders received their copies of The Story of Ancient Egypt by Suzanne Art.  These relatively new books include colored photographs and illustrations.  Please treat yourself to a look at this book, and remind your children to take good care of these beautiful textbooks.  Thank you!

Regarding homework, starting tonight, students will answer assigned questions that are found at the end of the chapters.  All questions should be answered in complete sentences, so that they will be more useful as study guides for quizzes.

Lesson 5

  1.  DOUBT
  5.  DEBT
  8.  SOLEMN
  9.  FASTEN
  11.  CASTLES
  12.  COLUMN
  13.  HYMNS
  16.  PLUMBER
  18.  CONDEMN
  19.  MOISTEN
  20.  CRUMBS

Language arts–September overview

The beginning of September in language arts will be focused on introducing and practicing literary devices that we will explore all year, specifically the dramatic story arc, theme, mood, foreshadowing, and hubris. The remainder of the month will be spent jumping into our first book, Gilgamesh the Hero, which is an adaptation of the ancient text The Epic of Gilgamesh. While reading this story, we will explore whether Gilgamesh should be considered heroic and whether or not he displays hubris. Our first writing assignment will involve writing a paragraph which highlights how Gilgamesh changed throughout the text.