History Quarterly Exam

     The history exam for the third quarter is scheduled for Thursday, March 15th.  This test is cumulative, covering all material taught since the start of the school year.  On Thursday, March 8th, all students were asked to take home their history binders with their notes to review for this exam.  They should also study their vocabulary list.  If you know that your fifth grader will be absent on Thursday, please let me know, so that they can take the test earlier in the week before spring break.  

Lesson 25

  1. antifreeze
  2. supervise
  3. semifinal
  4. antiseptic
  5. transparent
  6. substitution
  7. antidote
  8. submarine
  9. superficial
  10. subscription
  11. semicircle
  12. counteract
  13. counterattack
  14. semicolon
  15. supersonic
  16. transistor
  17. ultraviolet
  18. transferred
  19. counterfeit
  20. antibodies

Chapter 9 science test

The chapter 9 science test on animals will be on Wednesday, March 14th. I will send home the study guide at the end of this week for the students to have the chance to study this weekend. We will also review during class on Tuesday, March 13th.

K-5 Conferences – March 30

Spring conferences are fast approaching! These conferences were added to the calendar to give teachers and parents a chance to meet about any student concerns or to share updates on student progress. It is also a Data-Driven Instruction Analysis day for teachers, so half of the day will be dedicated to that work. With that in mind, teachers will be reaching out to parents they would like to meet with on that day. As usual, teachers are readily available via email and phone, as well as during a time outside of the scheduled conference day if you have concerns you’d like to discuss. 


Quiz on Ancient Greece

The next quiz is scheduled for Thursday, March 8th.  It will cover Chapters 9 and 10, as well as all vocabulary.

March in Language Arts

The beginning of March brings the end of our poetry unit, including our poem recitations on March 7-8. The students will also take their end of quarter assessment at the end of the poetry unit. After poetry, we move on to reading Black Ships Before Troy, which is an adaptation of Homer’s The Iliad. We will focus on foreshadowing through the author’s use of prophecies and dreams. We will also touch on the use of simile throughout the text.

Lesson 23

  1. tricolor
  2. midwestern
  3. tripled
  4. university
  5. midsummer
  6. biweekly
  7. unicycle
  8. monorail
  9. uniform
  10. bisects
  11. biplane
  12. triangular
  13. binoculars
  14. unison
  15. trilogy
  16. monotonous
  17. monosyllable
  18. universal
  19. triplicate
  20. biannual

Ch.8 Science test – 2/27/18

The test on ch.8, “Introduction to Plants” will be Tuesday, February 27th. I will send home the study guide this week and we will review together at the end of the week to prepare for the test. Please help your child review vocabulary and concepts from the study guide.

History Quiz

A history quiz covering Chapters 6-8 is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 26.  Students can prepare by studying the answers to questions at the end of the chapters and their vocabulary lists.

Lesson 22

  1.  forewarning
  2.  postscript
  3.  postwar
  4.  encourage
  5.  overweight
  6.  overflow
  7.  foresight
  8.  embellish
  9.  emblazon
  10.  engrave
  11.  endanger
  12.  foreground
  13.  embitter
  14.  overdue
  15.  foreknowledge
  16.  overprotect
  17.  embankment
  18.  embattle
  19.  enlistment
  20.  enlighten