Lesson 29 – suffixes –ion, -ation, -ition, -ance, -ence, -ive, and –ity

Spelling test – Thursday, April 25th

1. difference

2. composition

3. electricity

4. abundance

5. conversation

6. existence

7. activity

8. communication

9. excellence

10. addition

11. combination

12. creative

13. explanation

14. passive

15. quotation

16. circulation

17. destructive

18. disturbance

19. experience

20. resistance

Spring conferences

As you may have noticed on the school calendar, there will be optional spring conferences on Friday, April 19th. All K-5 teachers will contact parents they feel they need to meet with, including your child’s math or reading teacher.

Of course, teachers are available via email and phone to discuss any concerns you may have and/or to schedule an alternate day and time to meet.

If you have any questions about Spring Conferences, please contact Ms. Hernandez.

Aesop fable skits

It is a tradition for 5th grade students at Nova to present for their parents skits based on fables written by Aesop. The date for this year’s presentation is Friday, May 24th at 3pm. More information regarding these presentations will be available as the date approaches, but we want to make you aware of the date now and ask you to keep it in mind as you are making plans for your Memorial Day weekend. If you know that your child will have a conflict, please let his or her homeroom teacher know as soon as possible. Thank you!

Lesson 28 – Suffixes able, ible, ful, hood, ship, and ment

Test on Thursday, April 11th

1. likable

2. appointment

3. parenthood

4. sportsmanship

5. changeable

6. adulthood

7. breakable

8. enrollment

9. fanciful

10. noticeable

11. successful

12. manageable

13. assignment

14. adjustment

15. argument

16. unavoidable

17. reversible

18. convertible

19. bountiful

20. scholarship

Week 27 – Suffixes er, est, and ness

Test on April 4th

1. happiness

2. muddiest

3. tighter

4. cruelest

5. noisiest

6. crazier

7. stiffness

8. dampness

9. sharpness

10. strictest

11. brightest

12. thickest

13. emptiness

14. tinier

15. firmest

16. cleverness

17. healthier

18. simplest

19. cleanliness

20. promptness

Chapter 11-13 History Quiz on Tuesday March 12

The next history quiz will be on Tuesday March 12th. Students should complete and study their chapter 11-13 study guide to best prepare for this quiz.

Mr. Weninger

Quarter 3 Exams – Mr. Kimble

The science quarter 3 exam covering all chapters NOS-ch.9 (not ch.7) will be Thursday, March 14th.

The math quarter 3 exam covering all chapters (number sense, fractions and decimals) will be Friday, March 15th.

Classes will review for the semester exams starting a week before the exam. Students have been advised to review their science journal for the exam. This includes vocabulary and chapter notes.

Lesson 25 – prefixes

1. antifreeze

2. supervise

3. semifinal

4. antiseptic

5. transparent

6. substitution

7. antidote

8. submarine

9. superficial

10. subscription

11. semicircle

12. counteract

13. counterattack

14. semicolon

15. supersonic

16. transistor

17. ultraviolet

18. transferred

19. counterfeit

20. antibodies