Science Chapter 4 Test Study Guide

Chapter 4 Test Study Guide

Tuesday, November 27


Vocabulary (matching)-erosion, physical weathering, chemical weathering, deposition, mass wasting, earthquake, fault, lava, magma, volcano

Labeling—be able to label a diagram with terms/vocabulary word—for example, types of tectonic plate boundaries, formations

Describe the theory of plate tectonics

Types of plate boundaries—how they are similar and different—convergent, divergent, and transform

Causes of tectonic plate movement and an understanding of what each is—subduction and convection

Types of mountains formed at different plate boundaries—mid-ocean ridges, volcanic arcs, and folded mountain ranges

Lithosphere/Asthenosphere-define each and know the components

How and where volcanoes are formed

Earthquakes—what they are, what causes them, and where they occur (in general by a fault, most often at a plate boundary)

How weathering, erosion, and deposition work together

Erosion—different forces (wind, water, organisms, glaciers) that cause erosion—differences in how these forces erode if the landscape changes (ie—rivers are able to carry heavier sediment if they move faster

Deposition—what causes it to occur (something slows down), what can be formed (deltas), what deposited first (larger sediment)