Nova Book Week

The School of Grammar will again be celebrating Nova Book Week this year! Nova’s Book Week will take place the week of December 17-21

We will be collecting book donations in the LS Office ALL WEEK… thin out those book shelves and share the GIFT of READING with kids in need! 

As always, we will also be highlighting favorite books and celebrating all the wonderful things our students read. Students who choose to are invited to dress up as their favorite book characters on WednesdayDecember 19Please choose characters originally from books, not a cartoon, movie or television characters (or actors) made into books.  

We will have assemblies that day in celebration of the characters represented and the joy of reading. Students may wear their costumes until lunch but must then change into their Nova uniform. Please make sure your child brings a complete uniform to change into before lunch. 

Assembly Schedule:Grades K, 3 and 5: 8:55-9:40 in the Gym
Grades 1, 2 and 4: 9:50-10:35 in the Great Room