Ch.6 Science Test

Life’s Classification and Structure Test – Friday, January 25th

Chapter 6 Test Study Guide

Matching: types of organisms (autotroph, heterotroph, chemoautotroph), binomial nomenclature, parts of a cell (cytoplasm, vacuole, ATP, mitochondria, ribosome, chloroplast, Golgi apparatus, nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum), taxon, stimulus, types of cells (prokaryotic, eukaryotic), habitat

Characteristics of living things

Necessities of living things

7 levels of classification, where scientific names come from

5 levels of organization

Compare/contrast two types of cells (prokaryotic/eukaryotic) and the organisms that have each of those types of cells

Function of organelles/parts of a cell, differences between them

Describe 2 ways living things reproduce  (asexual/sexual) and the difference between them

Use a dichotomous key

A few good websites to visit: