Subject: General

XCEL School Education Program

We are starting to learn about natural resources. Xcel Energy sent us Take Action Kits that will be sent home. They are free. Please work with your child by installing the energy efficient products and completing the short Home Energy Worksheet that your child will return to school. This worksheet is due by Monday, December 18th. You may also complete this worksheet online. Enjoy the free kit and saving money as the students learn about conserving resources.

Stress Putty

Due to the distraction from learning that “stress putty” has been causing in the fifth grade, we are asking students to bring their putty home this weekend.  We will suggest to students that they use deep breathing, shoulder rolls, or briefly closed eyes to ease stress or anxiety in the classroom.  Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you have any questions.  Thank you for your help in this matter!

Lesson 15

  1. mildew
  2. guitar
  3. gloomy
  4. cruise
  5. guilty
  6. curfew
  7. pewter
  8. juicy
  9. smoother
  10. bruised
  11. quilted
  12. building
  13. fruitful
  14. shampoo
  15. soothing
  16. suitable
  17. pursued
  18. biscuit
  19. circuit
  20. nuisance

December LA Overview

During the month of December, students will begin reading Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. We will explore the themes of the societal expectations of women at that time, the importance of living a virtuous life, and the relationship between money and happiness. These themes will eventually be the basis of our next formal writing assignment.

Book Week

The School of Grammar will again be celebrating Nova Book Week this year! Nova’s Book Week will take place the week of January 16-19. We moved the event from December to January so that it coincides with National Book Month and the Battle of the Books, a competition for 3rd – 5th graders. We will be highlighting favorite books and celebrating all the wonderful things our students read. We will end the week by having students who choose to, dress up as their favorite book characters on Friday, January 19. Please choose characters originally from books, not cartoon, movie or television characters (or actors) made into books. We will have assemblies that day in celebration of the characters represented and the joy of reading. More information about the times of the assemblies will be forthcoming.

Chapter 4 science test – Monday, December 11th

Students are finishing up learning about Earth’s dynamic surface in chapter 4 during science. We will be reviewing during class at the end of the week and testing on Monday, December 11th. Any additional review at home will be beneficial. I will send home the study guide on Thursday, December 7th. This study guide relays what will be on the test and what students need to study to be prepared to test.

Lesson 14

  1. brawny
  2. laundry
  3. taught
  4. paused
  5. autumn
  6. awning
  7. awesome
  8. launched
  9. astronauts
  10. squawking
  11. drawback
  12. exhausted
  13. saucepan
  14. automatically
  15. dinosaur
  16. authentic
  17. withdrawal
  18. thesaurus
  19. precautions
  20. applause

Lesson 13

  1. borrower
  2. doughnut
  3. although
  4. poultry
  5. bowling
  6. fallow
  7. mistletoe
  8. yellow
  9. growth
  10. approaches
  11. boulders
  12. stowaway
  13. thoroughly
  14. cocoa
  15. oboe
  16. bungalow
  17. tiptoed
  18. rowboat
  19. cantaloupe
  20. shoulders

November Virtue Assembly

The fifth graders will be the sayers of the truth for this month’s virtue assembly. Come watch them act out a few of Aesop’s fables that focus on the month’s virtue, temperance. The assembly is scheduled for Tuesday, November 21st at 9am and will take place in the gym. Hope to see you there!

Chapter 3 science test – Wednesday, November 15th

We will be reviewing Monday and Tuesday for our upcoming science test on chapter 3 – Our Planet – Earth. Here is the study guide that I will send home on Monday.

Chapter 3 Test Study Guide

Wednesday, November 15th

Vocabulary (matching)—atmosphere, biosphere, climate, condensation, evaporation, geosphere, groundwater, hydrosphere, mineral, precipitation, rock, rock cycle, transpiration, weather, uplift

Four systems of Earth—biosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere—be able to define and describe each in detail—layers of atmosphere/geosphere and characteristics of each layer, how water is distributed in hydrosphere, interactions between systems (examples in notes and HW)

Types of rocks—igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic—how each forms and how the rock cycle can turn any one kind into another

Weather vs. climate—how are these two terms different

How water vapor enters the atmosphere—evaporation, transpiration, cellular respiration (what each is)

Changing states of water—liquid to gas (evaporation), gas to liquid (condensation)—energy ultimately comes from Sun