Subject: General

Lesson 17

  1. coward
  2. drowsily
  3. bough
  4. endow
  5. mouthful
  6. compound
  7. pronoun
  8. household
  9. downstream
  10. discount
  11. surrounding
  12. pronounced
  13. foundation
  14. resounding
  15. lounge
  16. announce
  17. account
  18. counterpart
  19. outrageous
  20. drought

Ancient Greece

On Wednesday, Jan. 17th, 2018, the fifth grade will enter Ancient Greece.  Each student will receive a textbook to use for the entire unit.  This book, The Story of Ancient Greece, was written by Suzanne Strauss Art.  She is the same author who wrote the textbook that we used for Ancient Egypt, The Story of Ancient Egypt.  Again, I encourage you to look at the beautiful book and read a bit about Ancient Greece.  Art approaches the subject in the same way she wrote about Egypt, showing similarities between modern times and ancient.  Instead of simply covering historical events, she makes the culture and its people more accessible to her young audience.

Homework assignments will consist of writing the answers to guided questions in complete sentences.  Students will find those questions at the end of each chapter. 

Spelling Lesson 16

  1.  essays
  2.  boiled
  3.  oysters
  4.  maintenance
  5.  employment
  6.  embroidery
  7.  crayons
  8.  exploit
  9.  turmoil
  10.  ointment
  11.  strainer
  12.  praised
  13.  disappointment
  14.  container
  15.  remainder
  16.  faithful
  17.  avoided
  18.  rejoicing
  19.  mayonnaise
  20.  acquaintance

Chapter 5 Science test

The next fifth grade Science test will be Thursday, January 11th. This test will cover all that we have learned about natural resources. I will send home a study guide with your child the week of the test. We will review for the test as a class but please make sure that your child studies at home as well. 

Lesson 16

  1.  essays
  2.  boiled
  3.  oysters
  4.  maintenance
  5. employment
  6. embroidery
  7. crayons
  8. exploit
  9. turmoil
  10. ointment
  11. strainer
  12. praised
  13. disappointment
  14. container
  15. remainder
  16. faithful
  17. avoided
  18. rejoicing
  19. mayonnaise
  20. acquaintance

History Quiz on Phoenicia and Persia

A history quiz on Phoenicia and Persia is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 4th, 2018.  Students should prepare using their study guide, lectures, and vocabulary list.  We will also play the history review game on Wednesday, Jan. 5th to cover the material.

XCEL School Education Program

We are starting to learn about natural resources. Xcel Energy sent us Take Action Kits that will be sent home. They are free. Please work with your child by installing the energy efficient products and completing the short Home Energy Worksheet that your child will return to school. This worksheet is due by Monday, December 18th. You may also complete this worksheet online. Enjoy the free kit and saving money as the students learn about conserving resources.

Stress Putty

Due to the distraction from learning that “stress putty” has been causing in the fifth grade, we are asking students to bring their putty home this weekend.  We will suggest to students that they use deep breathing, shoulder rolls, or briefly closed eyes to ease stress or anxiety in the classroom.  Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you have any questions.  Thank you for your help in this matter!

Lesson 15

  1. mildew
  2. guitar
  3. gloomy
  4. cruise
  5. guilty
  6. curfew
  7. pewter
  8. juicy
  9. smoother
  10. bruised
  11. quilted
  12. building
  13. fruitful
  14. shampoo
  15. soothing
  16. suitable
  17. pursued
  18. biscuit
  19. circuit
  20. nuisance