Subject: General


Thank you for your support thus far in our Boosterthon initiative! We are well on our way to our school goal of $15,000! Funds raised during Boosterthon will directly support the Playworks recess program for our K-5 scholars for the 2018-19 school year. Playworks creates a place for every student on the playground to feel included, be active, and build valuable social and emotional skills. Through a combination of recess monitor training, explicit instruction in the classrooms, and inclusive games at recess, Playworks help to build a culture of play that enables kids to feel a real sense of belonging and have the opportunity to contribute on the playground, in the classroom, and into their communities. Studies have shown Playworks to increase safety, inclusion, and empowerment for students during recess, thus decreasing behavior incidents on the playground and increasing time focused on learning in the classroom. We are looking forward to partnering with Playworks next year!
Families are welcome join us for the Fun Run on Wednesday, May 9

8:50-9:40 – Kindergarten

9:50-10:40 – Grade 2

10:50-11:40 – Grade 5

12:20-1:10 – Grade 1

1:20-2:10 – Grade 3

2:40-3:30 – Grade 4

The Fun Run day will be a non-uniform day for all K-5 students. Students are allowed to wear comfortable clothing to run in and tennis shoes. They should also be sure to bring a water bottle.

We are looking forward to a strong finish to our fundraiser and cheering for our students at the Fun Run next week!

Thanks again for your support!

Ancient Rome

We have entered our unit on Ancient Rome.  All students present for class today, Monday, April 26, received their new books, The Story of Ancient Rome.  Please remind your fifth grader to carry the book in a zip-lock bag for protection, so future students can enjoy reading a well-preserved copy.  As always, I encourage parents to look over the books for your own appreciation of that era.

Lesson 31

  1. evaporated
  2. combining
  3. graduated
  4. unpaved
  5. approved
  6. referred
  7. advertising
  8. crammed
  9. produced
  10. equipped
  11. occurred
  12. memorized
  13. controlled
  14. exciting
  15. abbreviated
  16. calculation
  17. hesitation
  18. organizing
  19. disguised
  20. realized

chapter 13 science test

The chapter 13 science test on energy and energy transformations will be on Thursday, May 3rd. I will send home the study guide a few days before the test for the students to have the chance to study.

Chapter 15 science test

Since there was no school on Monday, April 16th. The chapter 15 science test will be on Thursday, April 19th. 

Doing Good Together–NEXT WEEK!!!

Thursday, April 19, 4.30-7.30 at Nova

2nd Annual Nova Doing Good Together Community Service Fair

More information about the organizations and volunteer opportunities can be found here:

Join fellow Nova families for an evening of fun and community building! Families will have the opportunity to visit stations featuring family-friendly service projects that meet critical needs in the community. Come at any point and stay for as little or as long as you wish. We hope to see you there!

Chapter 15 Science Test

The chapter 15 science test on electricity and magnets will be on Wednesday, April 18th. I will send home the study guide a few days before the test for the students to have the chance to study.

History Quiz

A history quiz is scheduled for next week on Monday, April 16, 2018.  The quiz will cover Chapters 14, 15, and 16 plus vocabulary.  Students should study the answers to all homework questions for those chapters, as well as their vocabulary list.  All students will also receive a study guide to prepare for this quiz.

Lesson 28

  1. likable
  2. appointment
  3. parenthood
  4. sportsmanship
  5. changeable
  6. adulthood
  7. breakable
  8. enrollment
  9. fanciful
  10. noticeable
  11. successful
  12. manageable
  13. assignment
  14. adjustment
  15. argument
  16. unavoidable
  17. reversible
  18. convertible
  19. bountiful
  20. scholarship

Lesson 27

  1. happiness
  2. muddiest
  3. tighter
  4. cruelest
  5. noisiest
  6. crazier
  7. stiffness
  8. dampness
  9. sharpness
  10. strictest
  11. brightest
  12. thickest
  13. emptiness
  14. tinier
  15. firmest
  16. cleverness
  17. healthier
  18. simplest
  19. cleanliness
  20. promptness