Subject: General

Methods of Science Unit

The first chapter in our science textbook focuses on what science and scientific inquiry are and learning about scientific measurement and tools. Please feel free to go over the material in the textbook and the homework assignments with your child at home. The chapter pages are numbered with NOS in this first unit.

Lesson 1 Words

  1. echoes
  2. chorus
  3. chemistry
  4. qualify
  5. acknowledge
  6. remarkable
  7. locksmith
  8. quantity
  9. technical
  10. banquet
  11. knowledge
  12. required
  13. keyboard
  14. chrome
  15. antique
  16. knelt
  17. headache
  18. unique
  19. schedule
  20. technique


The fifth grade will study and review all parts of speech.  We will begin with nouns.

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