Subject: History

Ancient Egypt

On Tuesday, Sept. 29, all fifth graders will receive their copies of The Story of Ancient Egypt by Suzanne Art as we start our new unit.  These relatively new books include colored photographs and illustrations.  Please treat yourself to a look at this book, and remind your children to take good care of these beautiful textbooks.  Thank you!

Regarding homework, starting on Tuesday, students will answer assigned questions that are found at the end of the chapters.  All questions should be answered in complete sentences, so that they will be more useful as study guides for quizzes.

First History Quiz

The first history quiz will take place on Friday, Sept. 21, 2018.  It will cover the highlighted portions of all ten lectures, vocabulary words, and locations studied on the maps of Mesopotamia.  All materials needed to prepare for this quiz should be in the fifth grade students’ green history pocket folders.