Subject: Language Arts

Language arts in November

Throughout the month of November, we will continue reading The Prince and the Pauper. We will be focusing on three themes: 1) the importance of education, 2) the impact of wealth on what’s possible for someone, and 3) the value of experiencing the lives of others. We will track textual evidence of those themes as we read, which will help support a future writing assignment. 

October in Language Arts

October is a busy month in 5th grade language arts! The beginning of October brings the end of our time with Gilgamesh the Hero. As we end our Gilgamesh unit, the students will be writing their first paragraph of 5th grade. In addition, they will be taking a test on October 8th. Through both of these activities, students will be able to reflect on our two major explorations in our story: is Gilgamesh and hero and does Gilgamesh display hubris? The study guide for that test is can be found here: Gilgamesh test study guide.

The end of Gilgamesh bring with it the beginning of our time with the classic tale The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Throughout that text, we will look at how an author creates mood through word choice and setting description. We will also compile textual evidence to make an inference about the mysterious end of the story.

We will end the month of October with the beginning of The Prince of the Pauper, during which we will identify textual evidence to support many themes throughout the text. More information about those themes will be included in the November website update. 

Language arts in September

The school year started with a “literary boot camp” in language arts. We spent the first few weeks learning about many of the literary devices that we will apply to texts this year, including the dramatic story arc, mood, theme, and foreshadowing. We read many short stories and fairy tales in order to learn more about these various devices. We recently started Gilgamesh the Hero, which is a rewriting of one of the world’s oldest stories. Throughout this text, we will be questioning whether Gilgamesh could be found guilty of hubris and whether Gilgamesh should be considered a hero. We will continue our journey with Gilgamesh right on into October.