Lesson 13

  1. borrower
  2. doughnut
  3. although
  4. poultry
  5. bowling
  6. fallow
  7. mistletoe
  8. yellow
  9. growth
  10. approaches
  11. boulders
  12. stowaway
  13. thoroughly
  14. cocoa
  15. oboe
  16. bungalow
  17. tiptoed
  18. rowboat
  19. cantaloupe
  20. shoulders

November Virtue Assembly

The fifth graders will be the sayers of the truth for this month’s virtue assembly. Come watch them act out a few of Aesop’s fables that focus on the month’s virtue, temperance. The assembly is scheduled for Tuesday, November 21st at 9am and will take place in the gym. Hope to see you there!

Quiz on Monday, Nov. 20,2017

Students should prepare to take a quiz covering Chapters 7-9 and  vocabulary on Monday, Nov. 20, 2017.

Chapter 3 science test – Wednesday, November 15th

We will be reviewing Monday and Tuesday for our upcoming science test on chapter 3 – Our Planet – Earth. Here is the study guide that I will send home on Monday.

Chapter 3 Test Study Guide

Wednesday, November 15th

Vocabulary (matching)—atmosphere, biosphere, climate, condensation, evaporation, geosphere, groundwater, hydrosphere, mineral, precipitation, rock, rock cycle, transpiration, weather, uplift

Four systems of Earth—biosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere—be able to define and describe each in detail—layers of atmosphere/geosphere and characteristics of each layer, how water is distributed in hydrosphere, interactions between systems (examples in notes and HW)

Types of rocks—igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic—how each forms and how the rock cycle can turn any one kind into another

Weather vs. climate—how are these two terms different

How water vapor enters the atmosphere—evaporation, transpiration, cellular respiration (what each is)

Changing states of water—liquid to gas (evaporation), gas to liquid (condensation)—energy ultimately comes from Sun

Lesson 11

  1. athlete
  2. proceed
  3. delete
  4. extreme
  5. repeated
  6. esteem
  7. reasonable
  8. revealed
  9. complete
  10. greasy
  11. achievement
  12. squeezed
  13. delivery
  14. trolley
  15. ecology
  16. nieces
  17. concealed
  18. guarantee
  19. believable
  20. succeeded

Chapter 3 – Science

Ch.3 – Our Planet – Earth

Students are now learning about Earth. Key topics throughout the chapter are about the atmosphere/geosphere/hydrosphere, water cycle, rock cycle, faults, and weathering/erosion.

Quiz on Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017

A history quiz will take place on Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017.  It will cover Chapters 4, 5, and 6, as well as vocabulary.

Lesson 10

  1.  searching
  2. appeared
  3. millionaire
  4. silverware
  5. compared
  6.  stairway
  7.  earthenware
  8.  carefully
  9.  barely
  10.  squares
  11.  gears
  12.  earning
  13.  unfairly
  14.  unaware
  15.  earrings
  16.  earnest
  17.  research
  18.  despair
  19.  questionnaire
  20.  rehearsal

Ch.2 science test

We are reviewing chapter 2: Earth in Space during class Thursday, October 26th. Students will have the study guide to help them study for the test. We will be testing on Monday, October 30th.

Quarter 1 – Math Cumulative Exam

The math cumulative exam for quarter 1 will be given on Thursday, October 26th. The test will cover all of the material from the start of the year.

Note: This reminder is for the students in Mr. Kimble’s math class.