Crazy Sock Day!

Lower School Fund Raiser – Pennies for Patients Update
We have reached half of our $3,700 goal for the year! As a reward for this achievement, students will be granted a Crazy Sock Day this Friday, February 22nd. Scholars are invited to wear non-uniform socks on this day. Thank you for your help in  supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! 

History Quiz Chapters 8-9

The next history quiz will be on Tuesday February 19th. Students should complete and study the questions that are on their study guide in order to best prepare for this quiz.
-Mr. Weninger

Lesson 21 – Prefixes

  1. propelling
  2. competitors
  3. provision
  4. conference
  5. previous
  6. dedicate
  7. deposited
  8. complaint
  9. depended
  10. decreased
  11.  predicted
  12.  progress
  13.  misunderstood
  14.  confused
  15.  presume
  16.  prescription
  17.  mispronounced
  18. prevented
  19.  compelled
  20. confirmation

Pennies for Patients extension

Lower School Pennies for Patients Fund Raiser – EXTENDED to 2/20/19

Due to a snow day and an early release, the annual fund raiser for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has been extended! If you are able, please send donations with your Lower School student through next Wednesday, February 20th. Thank you for your help in this virtuous effort! Pennies for Patients is put on by our Student Proxeny Officers: Alexander Hungs, Lila McNellis, Flannery Page, and Lea Tadmor. 

Ch.8 Science Test

Introduction to Plants – Test is Wednesday, February 20th

Study guide was sent home Wednesday, Feb 13th. The study guide is due Tuesday. We will review chapter 8 during class on Tuesday, Feb. 19th.

Lesson 20 – ir, in, il and im

1. incredible

2. immortal

3. intolerant

4. immigrant

5. illogical

6. immature

7. illegal

8. improperly

9. incapable

10. irregular

11. impatient

12. impolitely

13. indirect

14. indefinite

15. immaterial

16. illiterate

17. impractical

18. irresponsible

19. irrational

20. illegible

Assembly time change

Due to the units happening in the gym in both US and LS, we will be moving the Virtue Assembly to 3pm on Friday, February 22.

Pennies for Patients

Lower School Fund Raiser – Pennies for Patients This year, the Lower School will be holding their annual Pennies for Patients drive from Thursday, February 7th to Thursday, February 14th. Please consider donating to this virtuous effort to support families affected by blood cancer. All donations will go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This year, Pennies for Patients is hosted by Student Proxeny Officers Alex Hungs, Lila McNellis, Flannery Page, and Lea Tadmor. 

Try this with your parents

Have some science fun while it is cold outside. Please ask your parents for help.

Spelling Lesson 19 – ei and ie

1. conceit

2. sleigh

3. height

4. veil

5. seized

6. yields

7. weird

8. mischief

9. neighborly

10. reindeer

11. fiercely

12. unbelievable

13. briefly

14. pierced

15. diesel

16. perceived

17. relieved

18. protein

19. ancient

20. retrieve