Ch.6 Science Test

Life’s Classification and Structure Test – Friday, January 25th

Chapter 6 Test Study Guide

Matching: types of organisms (autotroph, heterotroph, chemoautotroph), binomial nomenclature, parts of a cell (cytoplasm, vacuole, ATP, mitochondria, ribosome, chloroplast, Golgi apparatus, nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum), taxon, stimulus, types of cells (prokaryotic, eukaryotic), habitat

Characteristics of living things

Necessities of living things

7 levels of classification, where scientific names come from

5 levels of organization

Compare/contrast two types of cells (prokaryotic/eukaryotic) and the organisms that have each of those types of cells

Function of organelles/parts of a cell, differences between them

Describe 2 ways living things reproduce  (asexual/sexual) and the difference between them

Use a dichotomous key

A few good websites to visit:

Spelling Lesson 18 – Review Lessons 13-17

Spelling for January 18-24

1. thoroughly

2. cocoa

3. oboe

4. shoulders

5. awesome

6. shampoo

7. essays

8. maintenance

9. employment

10. lounge

11. compound

12. growth

13. exhausted

14. authentic

15. cruise

16. container

17. faithful

18. avoided

19. coward

20. mouthful

21. pronoun

22. discount

23. applause

24. guitar

25. praised

Spelling Lesson 17 – ou and ow

Lesson 17 – ou and ow

1. coward

2. drowsily

3. bough

4. endow

5. mouthful

6. compound

7. pronoun

8. household

9. downstream

10. discount

11. surrounding

12. pronounced

13. foundation

14. resounding

15. lounge

16. announce

17. account

18. counterpart

19. outrageous

20. drought

History Quarter 2 Exam

The Quarter 2 Exam will be on Friday Jan 11th. Students should study their study guide handout that they received on Monday to prepare for the test.

Kimble – Semester Exams

The science semester 1 exam covering all chapters NOS-ch.5 will be Thursday, Jan 10th.

The math semester 1 exam covering all chapters (number sense, fractions and decimals) will be Friday, January 11th.

Classes will review for the semester exams the week we return from winter break. Students will be advised to review their science binder for the test.

Spelling Lesson 16

Week 16 – ai, ay, oi, and oy

1. essays

2. boiled    

3. oysters

4. maintenance

5. employment

6. embroidery

7. crayons

8. exploit

9. turmoil

10. ointment

11. strainer

12. praised

13. disappointment

14. container

15. remainder

16. faithful

17. avoided

18. rejoicing

19. mayonnaise

20. acquaintance

Spelling Lesson 15

Lesson 15 – oo, ew, ue, and ui

1. mildew

2. guitar

3. gloomy

4. cruise

5. guilty

6. curfew

7. pewter

8. juicy

9. smoother

10. bruised

11. quilted

12. building

13. fruitful

14. shampoo

15. soothing

16. suitable

17. pursued

18. biscuit

19. circuit

20. nuisance

Science Chapter 5 Test Study Guide

Chapter 5 Study Guide

Test—Tuesday, December 18

Nonrenewable Resources

  • types—fossil fuels/uranium
  • formation of fossil fuels
  • advantages/disadvantages

Renewable resources

  • types
  • advantages/disadvantages

Land/Mineral resources

  • examples/uses
  • advantages/disadvantages of using land resources

Air/Water resources

  • examples/uses
  • types of pollution that happen with these resources
  • advantages/disadvantages of using these resources

What are things you can do to help limit use of energy/precious resources?

Nova Book Week

The School of Grammar will again be celebrating Nova Book Week this year! Nova’s Book Week will take place the week of December 17-21

We will be collecting book donations in the LS Office ALL WEEK… thin out those book shelves and share the GIFT of READING with kids in need! 

As always, we will also be highlighting favorite books and celebrating all the wonderful things our students read. Students who choose to are invited to dress up as their favorite book characters on WednesdayDecember 19Please choose characters originally from books, not a cartoon, movie or television characters (or actors) made into books.  

We will have assemblies that day in celebration of the characters represented and the joy of reading. Students may wear their costumes until lunch but must then change into their Nova uniform. Please make sure your child brings a complete uniform to change into before lunch. 

Assembly Schedule:Grades K, 3 and 5: 8:55-9:40 in the Gym
Grades 1, 2 and 4: 9:50-10:35 in the Great Room

History Test on Wednesday

Students will take a History test on Wednesday December 12th on the Phoenicians & Persians. Students should review their two Phoenicia lectures, their three Persian lectures, and the study guide handout.