History Quiz on Thursday

We will be having a history quiz on Thursday. Students should review and study the answers to their homework questions as well as their study guides that they received today. They should also study their vocabulary lists. The quiz will cover chapters 7-9.

Mr. Weninger 

Homework Club cancelled on Thursday, 11/15/18

Due to Parent/Teacher Conferences, Homework Club will be canceled on Thursday, November 15. Please sign up for Scholar Zone if after-school care is needed.
Submit completed registrations to Scholar Zone no later than Tuesday, November 13 at 5pm should you need after-school care that day. For questions regarding Scholar Zone, please contact Ms. Reinhardt.
Please contact Ms. Hernandez with any questions regarding HW Club or conferences.

Spelling Lesson 11

Lesson 11 – /e/ sound

  1. athlete
  2. proceed
  3. delete
  4. extreme
  5. repeated
  6. esteem
  7. reasonable
  8. revealed
  9. complete
  10. greasy
  11. achievement
  12. squeezed
  13. delivery
  14. trolley
  15. ecology
  16. nieces
  17. concealed
  18. guarantee
  19. believable
  20. succeeded

Conference signups

Fall conferences are nearly upon us and signup links have been sent out! Please note that you need to sign up using the link for every teacher with whom you would like to meet. As a reminder:

All other subjects are taught by your child’s homeroom teacher. Please use this information to determine which conferences you would like to schedule. 

We look forward to meeting with you all!

Language arts in November

Throughout the month of November, we will continue reading The Prince and the Pauper. We will be focusing on three themes: 1) the importance of education, 2) the impact of wealth on what’s possible for someone, and 3) the value of experiencing the lives of others. We will track textual evidence of those themes as we read, which will help support a future writing assignment. 

Spelling Lesson 10

Lesson 10 – ear, are, air

  1. searching
  2. appeared
  3. millionaire
  4. silverware
  5. compared
  6. stairway
  7. earthenware
  8. carefully
  9. barely
  10. squares
  11. gears
  12. earning
  13. unfairly
  14. unaware
  15. earrings
  16. earnest
  17. research
  18. despair
  19. questionnaire
  20. rehearsal

Ch.3 Science Test Study Guide

Chapter 3 Test Study Guide

Monday, November 5th

Vocabulary (matching)—atmosphere, biosphere, climate, condensation, evaporation, geosphere, groundwater, hydrosphere, mineral, precipitation, rock, rock cycle, transpiration, weather, uplift

Four systems of Earth—biosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere—be able to define and describe each in detail—layers of atmosphere/geosphere and characteristics of each layer, how water is distributed in hydrosphere, interactions between systems (examples in notes and HW)

Types of rocks—igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic—how each forms and how the rock cycle can turn any one kind into another

Weather vs. climate—how are these two terms different

How water vapor enters the atmosphere—evaporation, transpiration, cellular respiration (what each is)

Changing states of water—liquid to gas (evaporation), gas to liquid (condensation)—energy ultimately comes from Sun

Lower School Food Drive

The Lower School will be running their annual food drive November 5-9.  The food drive is put on by our Student Proxeny Officers: Alexander Hungs, Lila McNellis, Flannery Page, and Lea Tadmor. Please send non-perishable foods with your child to support this virtuous effort!  It is a great way to showcase justice in this season of Thanksgiving.  Parent volunteers are needed to help move food from classrooms and load vehicles headed for the food shelf on Friday, November 9th, from 1:30-3:00.  Please contact Ms. Halvorson, Student Proxeny adviser, at jhalvorson@novaclassical.org  if you are able to help.      


Dear Fifth Grade Parents and Guardians,

Friday is my last day as the history teacher for the fifth grade.  A full-time teacher can provide consistency for the students throughout the school day.  Since I do not wish to work full-time, Mr. Weninger will take my place in his new full-time position. 

It has been a true joy to share my love of this subject for over 12 years.  My hope is that archaeologists, historians, and history educators will emerge from the ranks of these young scholars.  However, my dream is that my students become parents who pass along the important lessons of history to their own children.

With my warmest wishes for their continued success,

Kathleen McLarn